Feminist activism makes the world a better place for all!

La Femmes Nasty

La Femmes Nasty

Linda Diederick’s gripping poem on grabbing patriarchy by the balls and why silence is not an option

Le Femmes Nasty by Linda Diedericks


Women won’t back down

Less fear more love

Revolution of love

Women’s rights are human rights

Respect my existence


Have courage and be kind

We the people

I will not have my life narrowed down to

someone else’s whim or someone else’s ignorance

Love not hate makes America great


Droits Pour Les Femmes Americaines

Well behaved women seldom make history

It’s time for women to stop being politely angry

A woman’s place is in the revolution

A woman’s place is in the resistance


Je suis nasty woman

We should all be feminists

Grab patriarchy by the balls

Do not normalise this

Stay outraged


My body my choice

Ne touche pas my pussy

Silence is not an option

Women will not be trumped upon

The future is still female


*slogans on posters at women’s marches across the globe



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