Multi-Media Art Exhibition

Multi-Media Art Exhibition

Multi Media Art Exhibition at the Castle of Good Hope in Cape Town

Multi Media Exhibition at the Castle of Good Hope in Cape Town

A multi media art exhibition on gender based violence is being organised  by Yazeed Kamaldien, a Cape Town based journalist and photographer. The exhibition will feature at the Castle of Good Hope as part of the Women’s Month celebrations.

The exhibition is being organised by a group of creative people who have come together to create a platform to focus on the rape and murder of women and girls in South Africa. Photographs that memorialise those have died as a result of gender-based violence will be on display. The focus is on portrayals of violence against women that break away from problematic representations in mainstream media.

A short film on women’s safety as well as the showcasing of performance art will also be on offer. The purpose of the exhibition is to create a safe space where, as a society, we can talk about the ways in which violence against women is a societal issue that negatively impacts on us all.

The exhibition will be a moment for pause and reflection, for bringing people together and for igniting social mobilisation. The exhibition is a call for artists to take responsibility for speaking out about the issues that affect us as a society. The exhibition opens on 9 August. All are welcome to attend.



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