Launch of Nasty Women Talk Back!

Launch of Nasty Women Talk Back!

Nasty Women Talk Back Launches!

Please join us for the launch of Nasty Women Talk Back at the Open Book Festival on 6 September from 20h00 -21h00 at the Fugard Theatre. Please note that booking is essential and can be done through the Open Book Festival.

Professor Thuli Madonsela will be in conversation with editors Joy Watson and Amanda Gouws and contributors Ashanti Kunene and Rebecca Davies, talking about the need for feminist activism in both the South African and global context.

 About the Nasty Women Initiative

Nasty Women Talk Back! is a collection of feminist essays that tells stories of what it’s like to be a woman in today’s world. Each story uses a poster associated with the global women’s marches and uses it as a platform to tell a personal story. Beautifully told, they tell about ordinary women who have done extraordinary things.

The ‘Nasty Women’ collection of essays are personal reflections on the lived experiences of the writers. The 28 contributions in the collection are all told by nasty women who are making the personal political, who are seeking to live their lives in ways that resist and challenge patriarchy. These are stories that speak to the creation of a different kind of social order, one based on equity, the promotion of human rights and social justice.

Women across the world have been emboldened by the exposition of stories of sexual violence and harassment. The #metoo campaign has created a safe space for many women to come out and tell their stories of sexual violence in a world that treats women as objects of sexual desire. These stories have grabbed our collective attention. In the wake of the global women’s marches, spaces have opened up for talking about the everyday acts of sexism that women are subjected to on a daily basis.

The global women’s marches were a significant, historical moment in time. Women across the globe took to the streets, en masse, to challenge institutionalised patriarchy in anticipation of the fact that the Trump administration would work fast to institutionalise the values of white supremacy and misogyny. It was a moment of powerful, widespread social mobilisation. The book captures some of the backlash of this moment, by zoning in on an aspect of it, the posters associated with the marches. In so doing, we hope to stimulate ideas and discussion on what should follow on from this historic moment in time and how we can ignite a feminist flame, with a view to creating a more equal, just society.


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