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Persona Non Grata by Linda Diedericks

Persona Non Grata by Linda Diedericks

Alien species, foreign national, unwanted person, minority group

Lost, no sense of belonging, abandoned and alone

Toiling, labouring, unprotected worker, rights denied

to grow the greed for vulgar capitalist profits

Eking out a living, fear of deportation part of the daily ritual


Social security, an insecurity, a code for dependence

An undignified, destitute, dis-eased life

Black lives don’t matter, the hood and projects another planet

Step away from the vehicle, you have the right to remain silent

Bang, bang, snuffed out young life, gone to fly with angels

No human is illegal, this world belongs to all of us

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  • This is such an extremely honest piece about the manner in which foreign nationals are treated. They are sometimes forced to live their lives in an undetectable manner. As someone who lives in South Africa, I have often witnessed foreign nationals being victimised. South Africa has had multiple violent cases of xenophobia. Many locals claim that foreign nationals are steeling their jobs, yet so many of them continue to live peacefully contributing to the economy. Foreign nationals in the USA, under President Donald Trump, live in fear. This comes after he sought to ban certain foreign nationals from Islamic countries from entering the state. This leads to stigimitisation of certain groups. We need to speak up for the human rights of foreign nationals all over the world.

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