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President Trump tells First Lady of France that she’s in good shape

President Trump tells First Lady of France that she’s in good shape

President Trump has done it again! On a state visit to France, he told Brigitte Macron “You’re in such good shape.” And, is it my imagination, or does he look decidedly surprised as he says this? He then turns to President Macron and repeats his words of wisdom, “She’s in such good physical shape. Beautiful.” A good old pat on her husband’s shoulder for being so very clever to choose such a shapely woman.

Let’s be very clear here. This sort of unsolicited opinion from men who have no familiarity with the woman concerned, is completely unacceptable. It reinforces the notion that women are objects of physical worth, decorative appendages and that their value lies in their aesthetic appeal. Such comments operate from the premise that men have a right to articulate such opinions and that women have to be on the receiving end of this summing up and ranking of our worth. They stem from a sense of entitlement. Let’s all help spread the gospel that unless you have a familiar enough relationship with the woman and you’re pretty damn sure it will not cause offence, REFRAIN ENTIRELY from commenting on appearance. There is more than enough alternative options in terms of what you can talk about. When in doubt, try the weather, books you’ve read, the news. The world’s your oyster!




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