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Stone Language

Stone Language

Stone Language by Linda Diedericks


When those insults, swear words are catapulted at one

It feels like stones, no rocks, being hurled at an injured dying dog

Hit by a truck driver

Less than a human being, reduced to an atom, one must be

To have this language spat out at you


You argue that this is your manner of speaking

NO! I don’t accept it, why do you? Why should I?

Charmer, speaking caringly and gently to strangers,

Friends and family

Is this hatred targeted at women only or do you

Despise yourself?


I wonder if your family know this ugly side to you?

Why is it that you choose this stone language?



Teaching our daughters how NOT to be valued

Will they too end up enduring this stone language?

Someone out there please change this situation

Put this fire out!


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